Impact Leadership

The Art and Skill of Connecting With and Positively Influencing Leaders

In order to incredibly lead and grow your organization with significant results, you must have the extraordinary ability to connect with and positively influence your leadership team. Impact leadership is truly the most effective way to:

  • Know Yourself
  • Live Your Mission
  • Lead Your People


  • 1on1 Personal Leadership Coaching
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Executive Leadership Retreat
  • Courses:
    • “Know Yourself, Live Your Mission, Lead Your People – How to be a More Effective Leader”
    • “Strategy:  Thinking to Planning to Executing”
    • “Team Building”
    • “Time Management”
    • “Communications”
    • “Improving Performance & Productivity”
    • “Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness”
    • “Leading Difficult Employees”
    • “21 Leadership Secrets of Success”

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People are Watching

I once observed an example of bad behavior in a person on a flight from San Diego to Washington, DC. Granted, it’s a Monday, people are leaving the West Coast to go to the capital in coach on a 757 and there were 43 hopefuls for an elite upgrade when it was announced that “the first class Read More »

Who Gets It?

Have you ever been around people who get it? Better yet, and more noticeable, around people who don’t get it? This always baffles me, the person who has absolutely no situational awareness, no clue about what’s going on around them, can’t see the proverbial forest through the trees. And so what’s at play when this Read More »

Michael Giorgione, LeadingLeaders

“I am motivated by the challenge of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives and in the organization through impact leadership and its extraordinary dividends. It is truly the most effective way to lead your people, lead a team and lead an organization. And I know that I can support your need and your desire to be a much better and more successful and effective leader.”  Read More >>